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Bicycle hydraulic brakes fluid - article feedback


Wheel Wizard
Staff member
I wrote an article to answer a frequently asked question:
Which fluid should I put in my hydraulic bicycle brakes?

My initial plan was to just post a table listing the fluid type based on the brake manufacturer, and perhaps add some buying recommendations.

However, I thought that it's a good idea to add all the other relevant information: standards, "mixing rules" and similar. In order to prevent that from "burdening" the readers, I put all the extra info after the brief lists of fluid types and buying recommendations.

If you find any errors or something lacking in the article, this is the place to "call it out." :)

I completely agree with the option of using Total LHM+ for mineral oil brakes - I use it myself (y)

Do you ride in deep-freezing temperatures and if yes, how does it fare (I can't test anything under -10 °C in Serbia - LOL :) )?

Do you ride in deep-freezing temperatures and if yes, how does it fare (I can't test anything under -10 °C in Serbia - LOL :) )?

Oh no 🤣
Although I am quite "resistant" to frost, but not in the case of cycling - I am a spring-autumn "racer" ;)
But yes, I know a lot of people using LHM+ and riding -20. Due to the oil, there is some "thoughtfulness" in the operation of the brakes. However, this is not a hindrance in the normal daily use of a bicycle. Much bigger problems are caused by some oil leakage in the brake handles (regardless of the oil used) and a huge amount of chemicals that are used to treat roads.
I hate that if the brake handles take a hit, there will be a problem with fluid leakage.
I switched to baby oil additions instead of buying the proper oil. Not a problem for the Tektro brakes. It might be different if the brakes take a different kind of fluid, but the Tektro E350 brakes didn't care.
I would certainly buy Total LHM Plus but it is hard to find, in Canada. Amazon price for 1 litre is

TRW PFM201 Hydraulic System Fluid, Each, D1:pFM201, D1S:pFM201, JP1:97526002381,​


Brand TRW
Liquid volume 1 Liters
Item weight 1.94 Kilograms
Item form Liquid,Oil
Manufacturer TRW


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