Bosch GBH 187-LI One Chuck hammer drill problem


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As far as I know, by the time I'm writing this, no tool review website or YouTube channel has mentioned (or noticed?) this problem with the Bosch GBH 187-LI One Chuck hammer drill:

Based on the feedback from the official Serbian Bosch repair centre, even the replacement new drill (they ordered for me) has the same problem, and the central Bosch service they contacted has noticed the same problem with that model equipped with the "One Chuck" (the same model with the SDS Plus only chuck doesn't seem to have this problem).

My tool is still in the repair shop and I'm waiting to see how this gets sorted out, but there does appear to be a problem with the One Chuck Bosch GBH 187-LI hammer drills.

My full YouTube review of the Bosch GBH 187-LI platform hammer drills (both the One Chuck and the SDS Plus chuck models):



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