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Double your Hyperglide cassette life! :)


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For those who remember the old Shimano Uniglide cassettes - they had symmetrical splines so you could just flip the sprockets and effectivelly double the cassette life (since sprockets wear only on one side of the teeth - the side where the chain pushes while you are pedalling forward).

With Hyperglide, shimano made the mounting splines asymmetrical - the justification was that it allows for precise engineering of sprocket profiles and "ramps" for smoother shifting, of course, not that they wish to improve the sales.

After that, they just stopped making and selling uniglide freehubs and cassettes - as expected.

But, if you file just a part of one spline on a Hyperglide cassette sprocket, you can mount it flipped. That's what I did here:

I like simple, robust, reliable and durable stuff. Friction shifters and 3x7 or 3x8 drivetrains serve me great for all terrains and weather conditions. :)


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