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A visitor comment I got on my website's LowEndSpirit-related article, that I think would make sense to "copy/move" to this forum (as the discussion is not related to the article).

The original comment, by Anisur:

I like your blog. I found racknerd slow, currently using myw. Pt speed is good but downtime is too much. Also using speedpage hosting, speed is good but it also has downtime.

After hostmantis Period i am not getting any reliable hosting at low price.

My original reply is posted below.

My original reply link, quoted below:

Hi Anisur,

Yes, HostMantis was unmatched while it worked. Though, in hindsight, maybe that is why it stopped being so good – the prices might have been unsustainable in the long term.

I’m mostly using MDDHosting now. Their “Turbo” platform was very good while I was using it, but I switched to their “Plaid” platform because I was able and willing to pay a bit more for stellar performance (on top of great security, stability, and best tech. support I’ve seen).

Over the years, I’ve concluded that it’s “cheaper” to pay a bit more, but not waste time and energy on solving hosting-related problems, and concentrate on writing awesome articles. 🙂

Regarding the hosting - the owner, Miguel, is an awesome guy, but it's a one-man operation, with very low prices. So it's not reasonable to expect him to wake up at midnight, on a Sunday, to fix a problem or similar. That's why I've moved most "production" stuff to other providers (though some of my reseller hosting clients have remained there, because of the low prices, and I got zero complaints!).

My experience has been similar to yours: good performance, but uptime problems every now and then.

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