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Advanced Database Cleaner PRO plugin bug​

I found what looks like a bug in this plugin, version 3.2.7.
For more details about this plugin, see my article about WordPress database optimisation.

To make matters worse, the official changelog has no info about the past few updates:
The changelog has been updated with the 3.2.7 version release notes.

1) WordPress Plugin version:
Advanced DB Cleaner PRO 3.2.7

2) What I did:
With the previous plugin version (before the update):
- I did a scan of Tables, and Options, selecting the "Scan all items" option.
- Checked to confirm there are no orphans.
- Then, I updated the plugin to 3.2.7 version and ran the scans again.
- After the update, the plugin found these "Orphans" that I don't think are orphans really:

Advanced Database Cleaner PRO scan false positives

I've notified the developers and am waiting for further info.
I got feedback from the devs. They plan to publish a major release in "two months" that will "be much more accurate and with more information about detected orphans."
Can't wait. :)

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Blesta vulnerability patch - critical​

If you are running the Blesta billing panel (my article about how to install, configure & secure Blesta), it would be a very good idea to update to the latest security patch ASAP.

The latest patched version is 5.9.2 (for the 5.9.x Blesta versions), but if you are running an older version, you could go:
  • 5.8.3 patch for the 5.8.x version.
  • 5.7.2 patch for the 5.8.x versions.
Those running Blesta 5.0.x to 5.6.x versions should upgrade to a full 5.9.2 update.

For more details (and patch downloads), see:

Authy kills their desktop app in March 2024​

My sincere apologies to anyone who took my advice to use Authy.

Some 12 hours ago I found out they've decided "End of Life (EOL)" their desktop app, which was the only reason why I used and recommended Authy over other alternatives.

Now, the biggest Authy drawback, the lack of TOTP key export option is going to make the migration painful, long and tedious for most folks.

Relevant discussions:
I went with the "ente Authenticator":
KeePassXC works wonderfully as a desktop solution (for any operating system):

It works OK, but more importantly, it lets me easily see and export/import any 2FA Keys.
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