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Vintage bicycle restoration


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I've translated one of the videos in the series for the latest vintage (retro) bicycle restoration.

I'm making this topic for any questions or comments related to the video(s), and if there is any interest, I might add follow-up translations from the series to this thread:

Resources that could help with such projects:

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I want to try restoring an old ten speed bike. Now that we have a guide explaining everything, it should work out better and less expensive. I went to a house where they advertised with a sign on the street corner that they had a garage sale of bikes. Bikes were piled up to the roof in the garage and the back yard was completely filled. The guy wanted over $100 for bikes that were not in very good shape and were not exceptional when new. Just normal Raleigh or Peugeot steel frame.
That's why he had no room in his backyard and garage. I pass by there several times per week. Maybe his wife has kicked him out by now and I can get a deal. On a bike. :)


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