Are Reddit r/Wordpress and r/webhosting shady and misleading?

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An interesting decision by the moderators of the sub-Reddit r/Wordpress.

I wrote a polite, informative comment, that draws attention to shady policies of the r/webshosting, and my comment was deleted in a matter of minutes. Not downvoted - deleted.

The comment's screenshot (before it was gone):


Comment text (copy/pasted from my cache):

I would not recommend that sub. The reasons are nicely explained here:

For hosting on a budget, LowEndSpirit forum is what I use & recommend.

For higher budget, Web Hosting Talk forum is probably the least bad, though moderators can be really strange there (I already told them what I think of their moderating policy, and it didn't help, but the forum still has some knowledgeable members and you can get good advice there).


Link to the deleted comment (the comment is not visible publicly, just shows "deleted" status):

The website I had linked shows the problems with the r/webhosting:

Here is my personal experience with the moderator of the r/webhosting:

I have my opinion of such moderating policies. And I like KKN music: :)

Hmm. I got similar "r/webhosting vibes" on the r/ProWordPress subreddit as well.

This is the post I read there:
I am currently on Godaddy and build people's websites there, but I see other options like Hostinger, Namecheap and Bluehost. All these youtube videos are all affiliates so I thought I'd ask on reddit. What is the best web host I can use for Wordpress as someone who builds sites as a side hussle. I want it to be affordable, however I NEED the websites to be fast. It would also be great if I can get a deal where I can build like 3-5 Wordpress sites on one subscription. If it's possible to share the subscription with my friend that would be perfect!

I don't need an insane amount of storage - I just build regular agency and simple local business websites.


The link to the original post:

This dilemma sounded very similarly to what I was facing - I too build and run dozens of WordPress websites, and have had problems to find a good hosting solution.

I thought: I've been there, done that, tried cheap and less cheap heavily-advertised stuff ( hosting recommendation page recomments an EIG-owned provider at the very top for crying out loud!). It took me a lot of time, trial and error to figure out what works well - both for me, and (based on the feedback I got) for many other people.

I went further, and wrote in-detail notes about my experience - with uptime stats, performance metrics, setup peculiarities etc. My logic being that what's good for me may not be a good fit for everyone (different priorities, preferences, budgets etc.), so providing in-detail information is a lot better than just recommending something.

So, (after about a decade of web-hosting experience - with both good and bad stuff) this was my reply:
I mostly use (no more honeest recommendation than that) MDDHosting Plaid reseller hosting. My notes on the experience so far:

Veerotech is also very good (got one site there as well), but MDDHosting is my primary provider so to speak.


I gave my recommendations, with links to my articles containing all the details (no way I would re-type that in a Reddit post).

That comment was deleted by the subreddit's moderators.
No explanation, no justification - simply wiped.

Of course, they are not obliged to explain their decisions, and moderation can be an unrewarding, tedious job. Still, it very much reminded me of the r/webhosting (I double checked user and admin names to see if it's the same guys).

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