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MyW hosting review - article comments

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To prevent article pages from being miles long, but preserve all the useful questions and answers provided over time, I've decided to copy/paste the website comments to the forum - and "move" further discussions here.

These are the comments from the article:
MyW hosting review

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  1. anisur
    17/02/2020 at 09:47
    thanks for the post , i have been searching for this for a while , i have a request . i wish you will keep my request .please please do a comparison between hostmantis VS namecheap . i really need to know which one is faster .
  2. 3fd0d771d754ced79ca6b702635900b5.jpg

    17/02/2020 at 13:01
    I don’t do these reviews for money. It’s mostly aimed to help myself, by documenting all the experience, any problems, how they have been solved etc. And it is also very useful if anyone asks – in case it is some plugin, or hosting provider that I have tested, a link can just be copied, without spending extra time for explanation.
    However, for me to do a Namecheap comparison, I would first have to use Namecheap’s hosting. Or, in the very least, get some experience using a client’s website. Neither of which is the case for now (I’m quite happy with both MyW and, especially, HostMantis hosting).
    For what it’s worth, I’ve heard many praises of Namecheap shared/reseller and VPS hosting, most notable coming from digitalfaq.com (I highly value knowledge, experience and integrity – hence, the opinion – of that website’s owner):
  3. de44f41e2f289404bb0cdc445405bedb.jpg

    Anisur Rahman
    26/10/2020 at 17:44
    how is their reseller hosting compared to hostmantis ?
    it will be great if you ask them one month access for review purpose .
    • 3fd0d771d754ced79ca6b702635900b5.jpg

      27/10/2020 at 05:57
      I don’t do this professionally – only test for my own personal use (my websites).
      If I did, I wouldn’t let them know I plan to just test – because then they might give me better performance than “regular” customers get.
      For the first provider, Oxheberg:
      Their advert, and FAQ give different info. One says 100 cPanel accounts, the other says 50.
      Looks sloppy. Doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t good, but it is one signal of not having it all under control.
      The other one, Racknerd:
      It is run by Dustin Cisneros (as far as I am informed, even though he seems to deny that), who had messed up with his previous company (AlphaRacks). I believe in second chances, but not sure about this particular case.
      Third, NexusBytes:
      I have heard good things about them, but haven’t used their services to confirm. It is my impression they are focused at VPS hosting services, offering reseller (and shared) hosting as a sort of a “me too” option. It doesn’t have to mean anything bad, just that I didn’t get much feedback on their reseller hosting services.
      You could start with a small account (with any of the above mentioned hosts, or HostMantis, or Veerotech) – see how it runs, see if it is a good fit for you.
  4. 40852374a77ead8e2c946697ebae39cb.jpg

    Microcen Hosting
    03/08/2021 at 13:39
    WNDP – WebNegócio Lda. (VAT PT513782540) is moving to another office to build a nice NOC there. We’re launching our Lifetimes again as the funds will help us to acquire a bunch of computers and monitors.
    This offer has been extended due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic.
  5. 917c041a702ab07ad720211b8ea0aa79.jpg

    28/06/2022 at 06:02
    Hello, I want to know you are using MYw monthly plans or lifetime plans which were recently introduced?
    • 3fd0d771d754ced79ca6b702635900b5.jpg

      Relja Novović
      28/06/2022 at 07:02
      Hi Sagar,
      In 2019, I bought not one, but two lifetime deals! One in Germany, one in the US. 🙂
      My goal was to give help and support to Mike with testing and direct feedback on both his German and US-based servers (and also help with the money, but that’s short-term and symbolic the way I see it).
      Over the years, I moved one site at a time to MyW, since the hosting was working quite well.
      By the start of this year, I had about dozen sites in total running on MyW hosting.
      Over the past 7 days, when I got news my current “main” hosting provider, HostMantis, is getting sold by the start of July, out of precaution, I moved all the sites to MyW, and a few sites to MDDHosting.
      I got to like the DirectAdmin control panel over the years, it has matured, and I love the ease of creating backups, exporting them (automatically), and importing them when migrating websites (whole accounts).
      Unfortunately, so far, MyW is the only DirectAdmin reseller hosting provider where everything works – it seems like most providers are still learning the ropes of DirectAdmin.
      I think MyW prices are competitive and I wish Mike focused a bit more on marketing, monthly packages instead of lifetime deals, and hired some more tech. support and server admin people.
      Because, and that’s my only concern, there’s no backup for Mike.
      At my day job (IT-related), I spent thousands of hours writing manuals and making sure that there are at least two people capable of handling every task, just in case someone’s on vacation, gets sick, or a car runs me over while I cycle to work. 🙂
  1. I am leaving away from hostmantis. I think there is no alternative to hostmantis (maybe the price is higher or the quality is lower). I have picked myw.pt for DirectAdmin but what about Cpanel?. Looking for your suggestion about the Cpanel SG location reseller. Thanks
    • 3fd0d771d754ced79ca6b702635900b5.jpg

      Relja Novović
      01/07/2022 at 14:22
      Hi Anis,
      Short answer:
      I really don’t know what to recommend for Singapore location reseller hosting. cPanel or DirectAdmin.
      Longer drivel: 🙂
      Regarding the server location – here’s my experiment on how the hosting server location affects the average page loading speed.
      I’d say that the hosting server’s performance is more important than location.
      Regarding cPanel reseller hosting, Veerotech were quite good, but I haven’t used their services for over two years.
      However, they and the MDDHosting I’m testing now offer only US server locations.
      If speed is of very high importance, I think that for WordPress sites, Cloudflare’s WordPress APO for $5 per month makes a lot bigger positive impact than server location.
      A bit of a digression, but at the moment, I’m seriously considering giving Cloudflare Pro a test – for $20 per month (per domain) it should provide a decent WAF on top of the CDN and other optimization they offer. Will do some testing and document the before/after results.
      Not sure if this helps. 🙁
      It’s also worth asking on the LowEndSpirit forum, if you haven’t already.
  2. 3fd0d771d754ced79ca6b702635900b5.jpg

    Relja Novović
    01/07/2022 at 19:20
    To correct myself – Brixly seem to be offering cPanel reseller hosting in Singapore. 🙂
    With a note that I haven’t tried their cPanel, only DirectAdmin hosting.
    Likewise, the Singapore location doesn’t use NVMe storage (“only” “ordinary” SSD) – but I’d say the performance still boils down to how much the server is loaded, regardless of the SSD to NVMe speed difference.
    If I had to choose cPanel reseller with the SG location, I’d give them a try.
  3. de44f41e2f289404bb0cdc445405bedb.jpg

    02/07/2022 at 08:00
    They are talking about stablepoint is SG location. Did you know about them ?
  4. 3fd0d771d754ced79ca6b702635900b5.jpg

    Relja Novović
    02/07/2022 at 08:37
    Hi Anis,
    I’m afraid I’ve got no info on Stablepoint.
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