How to register and post a comment/question on BikeGremlin forum?

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A step-by-step tutorial for registration and posting on this forum.
Most forums use the same (or a very similar) procedure, and forums are awesome! :)

There are only a couple of steps, but I made screenshots for every notification, just in case it might confuse anyone - to explain it as best as I can. :)

Basically, you must register, and then you can post questions or reply to the existing topics.

Table Of Contents (T.O.C.):
  1. How to register (open your account) on the BikeGremlin forum
  2. How to post a question or reply to a comment
  3. How to "install" the BikeGremin forum smartphone "application"

1. How can you register on BikeGremlin forum?​

To register, you should either use your Gmail (or GitHub) account, or choose a username, password, enter a registration e-mail, and confirm that email using a link that the forum will send you to that address.

A detailed explanation of the "procedure:" :)

Click on the "Register" button in the top-right corner:

BikeGremlin forum Register button

Now you can register:
  • By using your Gmail account, which is faster and simpler (1a)
  • or by entering your desired username, password, and a registration e-mail address (1b)
Check the box that you agree with the forum rules (2), and click on the "Register" button (3).
BikeGremlin forum registration information

  • If you registered with your Gmail (or GitHub) account (option 1a in the pic. above), the e-mail address from that account will be the one forum will use to send you notifications.
  • If you chose the option 1b, you'll have to confirm your email address, which forum explains with the message depicted below:

BikeGremlin forum's notification that you must confirm your e-mail address

To confirm your e-mail, open your mail and then:
  • Option a - click on the "Confirm your email" button.
  • Option b - right-click on the "Confirm your email" button (or hold it for a long time if you are doing it on a smartphone/tablet), and copy/paste the link into your browser (if you are using a smartphone/tablet mobile app, this is the way you'll probably have to do it).
You can't start a new topic, or comment on the existing ones until you confirm your e-mail address.

Confirming your e-mail address for the BikeGremlin forum registration

After you've confirmed your email, forum will state that your account is waiting for the administrator to approve it. It takes me about five minutes to five days to approve an account, depending on whether I'm at the computer, or in a forrest.

BikeGremlin forum's notification that your account's registration is awaiting the administrator's approval

Once I've approved your registration (anywhere between 5 minutes and 5-10 days), you'll receive an e-mail notification on the e-mail address you registered with (or on the e-mail address of the Gmail/GitHub account you registered with - if you chose that option):

E-mail notification that your BikeGremlin forum account has been approved

Once your account has been approved, you can log in to the forum.
To log in:
  • Click on the "Log in" option in the top-right corner (1)
  • Then log in the way you had registered, either by entering your username and password (2a), or by clicking on the Google/GitHub button (2b)
  • and click on the "Log in" button (3)

Logging into the BikeGremlin forum

Now you are ready to write on the forum. :)

2. How to start a new topic or answer an existing one​

Take a look at the list of categories, and pick one where you wish to write (the Serbocroatian section is below the English sections):

The list of BikeGremlin forum's categories

After you've "entered" the desired category, you can start a new topic (a), or open an existing one to post a comment/reply (b):

Start a new thread, or comment on an existing one

If you are starting a new thread, you will enter its title (1), choose whether it is a discussion, a question, or a poll (2), write what you like (3), and click on the "Post thread" button to publish it on the forum (4):

Creating a new topic on the BikeGremlin forum

If your account is "younger" than a few days, and if you haven't posted several posts, your comment/thread will wait for the moderator/administrator approval. I must do that in order to stop robots and human scum who abuse forums to post adverts for all sorts of nonsense (i.e. SPAM prevention):

BikeGremlin forum's notification that your post is awaiting moderators' approval

After you've posted a few comments or threads, you will no longer need to wait for the "manual" approval. It is a "necessary evil" to prevent abuse (until I figure out something smarter).

3. How to "install" the BikeGremlin forum smartphone "app"​

BikeGremlin forum does have a sort of an “app,” and you can see the instructions for installing it when you open the menu on a smartphone and click on the “Install” button:

Installation of the BikeGremlin forum smartphone app

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